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Delivering cutting-edge process analysis solutions poised to enable breakthrough improvements to the most complex healthcare systems.

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About Us

VisualizedCare is an aspiring leader in leveraging advanced systems engineering techniques to transform healthcare delivery. Founded in 2023 and based in Newfoundland, our mission is to drive innovation within today's complex healthcare processes -- maximizing patient outcomes while optimizing healthcare spending.


VisualizedCare specializes in enhancing healthcare systems by using advanced process analysis techniques. Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) allows the company to map complex healthcare systems, to pinpoint and analyze complexities in healthcare processes. Building on this analysis, VisualizedCare develops innovative recommendations designed to lead to substantial improvements in healthcare delivery, with a goal of making patient care more efficient and effective.

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Gain access to the expertise and capacity needed to map complex healthcare processes using the FRAM methodology.

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Visualize and optimize patient flow within a healthcare process using advanced analysis techniques to maximize patient outcomes while optimizing the cost of delivering care.

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Build the expertise within your healthcare team to understand, expand, and analyze complex healthcare systems independently.

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